Discover the essence of craft beer with The Ghost Brewery. 
Our workshops, designed to guide you in the creation of authentic beers, guarantee a passionate and expert brewing partnership. Embark on this brewing adventure with us.

Our workshops

Why participate in our workshops?

The workshops offer a unique team-building experience where colleagues can learn together in a fun setting, strengthening teamwork while having a good time.

Team Building and Entertainment

Intensive sessions allow participants to quickly acquire brewing skills, ideal for those seeking an efficient introduction to the world of craft beer.

Targeted and Fast Learning

The workshops encourage personal creativity and innovation, giving participants the freedom to experiment with recipes and flavors, a valuable asset for team cohesion and personal engagement.

Recipe Creativity and Innovation

The Workshops

Immersed in Hoppy History
Duration: 2 hours

Looking to master the ancient art of brewing? Our Workshop is your gateway to the fascinating world of beer. Explore the secrets of brewing monks, chuckle at their sparkling anecdotes, and learn the fundamental ingredients of beer: malt, hops, yeast, and water. We will guide you through the key brewing steps, from mashing to fermentation, all while emphasizing the crucial importance of time in creating a memorable beer. At the end of the workshop, take home a personalized recipe to continue the adventure in your own space.

From Theory to Your Own Recipe
Duration: 6-8 hours

After decoding the history and essential components of beer, Workshop 2 invites you to get hands-on. Use the recipe developed during Workshop 1 to brew your own beer in a 30-liter Brew Monk tank. Under the supervision of our expert brewer, follow your beer from conception to realization and discover the alchemy behind each bubble. At the end of this course, take home three crates of beer, ready to be shared or enjoyed.

The Grand Brewing
Durations : 6-8 hours

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Workshop 3 gives you the opportunity to brew a large quantity of your favorite recipe in a 500-liter tank. Perfect for those who dream big, this workshop turns your vision into reality and allows you to share your creation with a larger audience. Experience an immersive journey and leave with the expertise to produce your beer on an impressive scale.

Interested in joining our workshops?

Dive into the world of beer in Liège and discover our unique conferences!

Ready for an immersion into the world of beer? Our conferences in Liège are the perfect opportunity to uncover the secrets of brewing, from ancient history to contemporary methods. It's also a gathering place for enthusiasts to connect, learn together, and bond over a shared passion. Experience a unique and enriching journey, and leave with valuable knowledge and memories.