Choose our personalized beer cans to showcase your business, school, sports team, or any other entity you belong to. Stand out with this unique experience.

Why choose personalized cans?

Propose your own personalized can!

We believe in the importance of standing out and creating unique experiences. That's why we offer you our custom beer cans, an exceptional opportunity to showcase your business, school, sports team, or any other group you belong to.

Also available in packaging

Discover our gift packs of 6 beers to provide a unique tasting experience.

Personalized Exclusivity

Our custom cans allow you to showcase your identity in a creative and unique way. You can add your logo, colors, or anything that reflects your spirit.

Exceptional Quality

Beyond customization, our premium craft beers provide a memorable tasting experience, turning every sip into a symphony of flavors and aromas.

For the joy of giving

It's a unique way to leave a lasting impression at events, meetings, or celebrations.

Pricing for your custom cans

We offer excellent value for our custom beer cans. For example, for an order of 200 liters, the cost per can is only €1.83, all-inclusive. This offer includes custom design by our creative team, custom label printing, and of course, our premium craft beer. Take advantage of our competitive rates to make your brand an unforgettable experience.

Please note that you are not obligated to order 200 liters; we offer flexible options to accommodate your specific needs!

Success Stories

They've trusted us, and here are the cans of our many partners! Would you like yours? Don't hesitate to get started!-

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Participate in a team workshop and create your own beer

Accompanied by a certified expert, you'll attend a beer tasting workshop (zythology) and select, according to your tastes and desires, a beer recipe from the Apperitivo catalog that represents you. Once you've made your choice, the accompanying expert will brew it in larger quantities. 
For the storage of your production, we offer several solutions, including the option to have it delivered in multiple shipments, on a recurring basis or on demand. From then on, you can enjoy your beer with your colleagues, clients, or friends!

Discover the workshops here