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David discovered that one of the major obstacles in pursuing my passion was the lack of infrastructure and support for enthusiasts like myself.
Frustrated by this challenge, he embarked on a journey to create a platform that would provide assistance, guidance, and resources to fellow amateur brewers. Apperitivo is a ghost brewery, or virtual brewery, that operates solely through online orders for delivery and pick-up. It is a separate entity that operates out of an existing brewery. By using existing facilities without the need for a physical brewing room, we minimize costs and maximize profits.

All this is possible with the assistance of certified and recognized zythologists and brewers.
The tasting workshops are moments of sharing and discovery, during which craft beer, its brewing secrets, flavors, and intricacies are celebrated. Apperitivo trained its first zythologists in early 2022 and launched its zythology workshops. Whether you're a novice, enthusiast, or simply curious, these workshops have one singular goal: to provide you with a delightful experience and share a bit of our Belgian pride."

Where are we?

Avenue Georges Truffaut 38, Liège



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